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The Smith Family

Elena Lane Cove


The luxury of a large family home with the convenience of apartment living was everything for downsizers, Ray and Linda. When exploring the option of downsizing from their four-storey house in Lane Cove, the couple knew that they wanted to remain in the area.

They said when they saw Hyecorp’s lifestyle offering at Elena Apartments in Lane Cove – with a pool, a gym, a cinema and a café just downstairs – they were sold. “It was a huge tick,” says Ray. The quality Hyecorp offered was immediately obvious to Ray and Linda, and while the two were looking for a slightly smaller home, forgoing quality and luxury was not an option.

Having the opportunity to walk into the display several times, study the floorplan and actually see the style of the apartment that they were choosing was critical to the couple’s decision-making process. “I found the Live Your Way process great because you could come in and see what’s available,” says Linda. With constant updates from George, Hyecorp’s Director, Sales and Acquisitions, the couple says the process has been easy and honest.

For Linda and Ray, to customise their apartment and choose from an array of colours, textures and finishes was impressive. “We were able to select things important to us – like nightlights in the bathrooms and adding the bath – and really getting what we needed,” added Linda.