Hyecorp knock over a $5.05M St.Leonards apartment sale in Audrey

September 2022

Source: urban.com.au

End-to-end developers, Hyecorp, have become somewhat specialists in the amalgamation scene, having delivered a number of combined apartments over their time, with the group handling the architecture, construction and design of each of their projects. 

“This holistic approach gives us visibility of the entire process and accountability for the high standard of quality we expect of ourselves and our collaborators. The result is one of excellence ensuring a building perfectly suited to the postcode it calls home,” Hyecorp say. 

Most recently, the group smashed out the St Leonards apartment price median, with Head of Sales, George Benlian handling the transaction of an amalgamated apartment for $5.05 million. 

The combined apartment now encompasses 192 sqm, complete with three-bedrooms, two living rooms, a study, two and half-bathrooms and three balconies.

Image: Floorplan before vs. after the amalgamation. Credit: Hyecorp

The buyers are local to the area, with their family having already bought in Audrey in June. 

“The idea came from the buyers looking for an additional residence, needing around 200 sqm of space, and finding an apartment with a floorplan to suit their need is something nearly impossible to find,” Benlian said. 

Hyecorp ​​attributes the record outcome to a growing sector of discerning buyers seeking space and quality.

The group has made a habit of working with clients to design apartments that suit their specific needs, having combined apartments in previous projects as well. 

“In Eva Lane Cove at 2 Waterview Drive, which was completed in 2019, we amalgamated three apartments into one massive penthouse sold at $3,150,000 – which still remains the highest achieved price for an apartment in Lane Cove.”

“Also in the same project we amalgamated two apartments into a large three-bedroom home, also on the top floor.“ 

One, two and three-bedroom apartments are still remaining in the lower north shore project, with prices starting from $850,000.