48 aged care suites in new Hyegrove Willoughby

October 2021

Source: The Weekly Source

Cameron Kirby, the former CEO of Mark Moran Group, is guiding the developer Stephen Abolakian’s Hyecorp in the partnership between Willoughby RSL to build the Hyegrove retirement village on the club’s property, 6km north of Sydney CBD.

Cameron has advised the addition of 48 aged care suites in the 126 apartment development, as well as concierge and registered nurse coverage 24-hours a day.

The model is the result of extensive research into the local potential customer base.

Mr Kirby said he saw the need for a continuum of care at Mark Moran Vaucluse and now at Hyegrove Willoughby.

“Care was the most important thing to the people surveyed. Hyegrove Willoughby was not going to be a ‘traditional retirement village’,” said Mr Kirby, Managing Director at Kirby Consulting Group.

The importance of creating a relationship with prospective clients was made evident in The Weekly Source’s latest Saturday issue with retirement living being the profit growth and lead engine in the sector over the next five years.

“Our marketing strategy at Hyegrove Willoughby began with face-to-face community consultation. We try and take potential buyers with us on a journey,” Mr Kirby said.

Members, as Mr Kirby likes to call the residents, will have an exclusive movie cinema, art studio, indoor swimming pool, pilates and yoga studio plus a gym. There will be a rooftop terrace, private dining room, lobby lounge bar and a wine-tasting room with a cellar.