Construction Update – Audrey

July 2023

We wish to advise that building work continues to progress well.
Please see the construction update for the past quarter below:


  • Detailed Excavation of future East-West Link Completed
  • Approx. 17,000 m3 of soil removed off site
  • Crane Base has been poured

Works planned on site for the next quarter of 2023:

  • Completion of Bulk Excavation
  • Installation of Tower Crane
  • Detailed Excavation to commence for lift pits and pad footings
  • Establishment and commencement of structural and inground services trades
  • Commence undergrounding of Overhead Powerlines along Canberra Avenue


The key programme items are as follows:

  1. Site set up worksCompleted
  2. Bulk excavation – In Progress
  3. Basement works – Not started
  4. Structure works – Not started
  5. Services rough in – Not started
  6. Window glazing – Not started
  7. Facade cladding – Not started
  8. Internal fit out works – Not started
  9. Finishing works – Not started
  10. Landscaping – Not started
  11. Title registration – Not started
  12. Ready to settle